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I have put down below a collection of some rad shots, I hope you like them.

Climbing in the Rockies is something magical. The rock is not always nice to be on, but then on the other hand, may by the views are why you are there. In any case just GET OUT THERE AND CLIMB !!!

Kelly MacLeod On Extra Dry 5.9 Back of the Lake

Kelly on First Accent, above True Grit Plateau : 5.11a

Michel Dufresne on Dew Line 11c Back of the Lake

Josee on Up from The Bog 10a Squamish

Alan leading P2 of La Goute IV WI6+ BEOR

Josee leading Grotto Falls II WI3

Pete Jensin on red Shirt 5.7 : Yamnuska

Kelly Leading Dew Line 11c : Back of the Lake

Kelly Leading Exasperator 10c : Squamish, BC

Glen Mathiews Summit of the Grand Sentinel

Unknown climber on No Ticky No Laundry 12c : Grassy Lakes, AB

Josee climbing Liquid Sky 11c : Back of the Lake, AB

Josee leading pitch 1, 5.8 , of The Smoke Bluff Conection

Dave Crosly leading Nickle Bag 10d : Acephale, AB

Josee L Mac. climbing The New Painted Lady 11a : Carrot Creek, AB

Kelly Leading Not Fade Away 12a : Skaha, BC

Josee leading Genetis Mirror 10b : Skaha, BC

Kelly Leading Brown Ale 5.9 : Malmute, Squamish

Dan Dufresne leading 5.9 arret : Skaha, BC

Kelly Leaging ?? Past Grassy Glades : Skaha, BC

Kelly leading Guide Killer 11d : Jasper, AB

Kelly leading Crecent Crack 10d : Malmute, Squamish, BC

Kelly climbing
Ready to Strike 5.10-

Josee cranking
the Roof
Ready to Strike 5.10-

Kelly having
fun on the Abbot
approach boulders

David Dornian Climbing
Mind Games 5.12a
Black Feather Canyon

Josee shadow climbing



Kelly on Hand Jive 10b : Squamish,BC