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Welcome, To the all exclusive, playing in the rockies web site.

Well I don't know about the all exclusive but Whatever.

This site holds some really powerful shots of climbing in all its beauty. I will show you parts of Canada, you never thought possible. Alberta and British Columbia hold some of the wildest routes. We have every thing here, easy climbing to the full on multi day first accents.

Josee, Emilie, Kelly and Jacob Macleod

We are sorry for not updating the web site as much as we would like.  I am looking into buying my own web domaine to keep the pop up adds from being such a nuesence.

The Winter is now here and the Skiing and Ice Fishing is going to be great.  Stay in tuned for some nice pictures of this winters excurtions.

Spray Lakes Alberta Home to many nice Lake Trout.

Desert Rock Site A Must See for anyone heading down to Utah, Nevada

This site will include lots of pictures of the magnificent mountains, and climbs that my friends & I have done down in the deserts of the USA. Red Rocks, Nevada. Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. Ibex, Utah. City of Rocks, Idaho. Owens River Gorge, Bishop California. Please feel free to take a look.

Desert Rock Climbing


The Fish and Ho

by Kelly MacLeod
Tunnel Mountain (new)
EEOR, Ha Ling, Yam, Guides
Spillamachine, Barber Rock
and many more wild and cool places.
all here at


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